March 27th, 2005

Update on Soco-Online from Gary...

Hey Angie,

It's looking really bad right now. I've yet to hear from the company after numerous calls. Their site is down aswell but it seems as though there is some activity with their domain name. Hopefully it was sudden outage that they had to move servers or transfer the info. If not, and they don't contact me about this (if they went under and just cut all the accounts), the forum and the new download system are gone. Everything else is backed up except for those databases. Sucks majorly. I'm hoping I get some sort of a response from them soon but who knows. I am going to keep trying and if all else fails, start it up again with a new host (after a lot of research). Maybe I'll pick a local hoster so I can have a lot better contact if something goes wrong. Either way, I will most likely switch hosters because this is really rediculous. Technology is fantastic.

So there you have it folks. It's not looking good, but there is still hope haha. This sucks though. If you know people who are members of the forum and have livejournals, get them to join here for now..I'm thinking of starting a list of everyone's usernames so just in case we have to start a new forum (omg how that would suck!), we will know who was who and you all can keep your old names.

UPDATE: Ok, everyone who is a current, active member of Soco-Online, please email with your name, forum screenname and your special rank (if you had over 500 posts and had changed it from "northern")..Hopefully this will keep stuff straight if Gary has to set up a new forum...I will contact you through this email address if this happens and you need to re-sign up...

Also, concerning the Special packages (if you don't know what this is, wait until the site is back up...):

</i>"As for the special packages, all entries must be re-sent once the site is back up. The deals will be posted in the same section once the site is back up and running. I'm extremely sorry about the downtime and lost info. It sucks a lot and it's a hard lesson about how easily important data can be lost these days. Luckly though, none of the content has been lost at all. That's a major plus."</i>
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